Piazza & Associates

Policies & Procedures

Application Policies and Procedures

OPERATING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Piazza & Associates, Inc. is an independent Administrative Agent foraffordable housing services, working on behalf of properties and municipalities throughout the State of New Jersey, that provide affordable housing opportunities...

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Real Estate Professional

Professional help for Sellers of Affordable Homes Piazza & Associates, Inc. does not provide legal or real estate services, and we recommend that sellers be represented by an attorney in any real estate transaction. We have also found that licensed real estate...

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New Marketing Tool for Sales Units

Sale Properties to be listed on New Jersey Housing Resource Center The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, the New Jersey Department of Human Services and the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) have teamed up with a national non-profit...

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Update of Policies and Procedures

IMPORTANT POLICY UPDATE... We recently updated our policies and procedures. Here is a list of items which were modified: Right to Use Federal Guidelines: We do our best to describe the regulations and policies that govern the determination of household membership and...

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Program Rules

Financing an Affordable Home We do not provide financing for affordable homes. It is up to each applicant to arrange for their own financing. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FINANCING: When purchasing an affordable home, the Regulations now require that, if the estimated monthly...

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Application Policies Revised

Applications for Affordable Housing can be withdrawn for the following reasons: Preliminary Stage The preliminary application must be fully completed and must be signed; Your social security is required on all applications in order to be considered; Your preliminary...

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Random Selection

All Waiting Lists are subject to Random Selection: At the start of a project; Periodically while the list is held by us; Or when a unit is available. The term, "Random Selection," is used to describe the process by which we establish the priority order of applicants...

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Waiting Lists Closure Policy

Each property or municipality has a "Waiting List," or list of applicants who are "prequalified" on the basis of our review of a preliminary application. Since the determination to place someone on a waiting list is based on information that has not been verified, we...

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