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Resale and Refinance Calculators

NOTE:  These calculators, having been updated with the 2024 income limits, provide only an estimate.

Select the municipality in which you own your affordable home. The calculator will help you determine the current Maximum Sale Price (MSP)* and the Maximum Refinance Amount (MRA)** allowed by the rules set forth by the New Jersey Fair Housing Act.

The numbers provided in our calculators are an estimate, so you must submit a Request Form along with a copy of your recorded deed, in order to receive your current MSP or MRA for your affordable home. You may email your form and recorded deed to info@HousingQuest.com or fax it to 609-786-1105 to confirm the current MSP or MRA for your affordable home.

NOTES: * The MSP is the maximum price as allowed by the regulations. Market conditions may effect the market value of any home, including an affordable home, so we can not guarantee that a seller will receive the MSP. Please also note that typical “upgrades” (new flooring, countertops, appliances, etc.) are NOT factored in the calculation of the Maximum Sales Price (MSP). If you have added central air conditioning (where there was none, before) within the last ten years, or if you have added an addition to the structure (e.g. extended the home to add a bedroom), then you may be entitled to an increase over the estimated calculation. Contact us for details. ** The Maximum Refinance Amount, which is 95% of the MSP, is the limit of the total amount of financing, secured by the affordable property. The MRA includes all forms of mortgages and home equity loans.

If you cannot find your town, please check to make sure that P&A administers the resale program in that town.  For further assistance, please contact us.

For further information on selling your affordable home, go to our Resale and Refinance Information page.

Questions? E-MAIL us at: Info@HousingQuest.com

Updated 4/22/2024


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