Process for Selling an Affordable Home (Outline)

Our organization coordinates certain aspects of the sales process for affordable homes on behalf of your municipalities. We are not real estate agents, however, and recommend that Sellers use of a qualified real estate professional. . Information regarding real estate agents who have expressed interest in providing such services can be found on our web site:, under “News and Information.” The process is outlined below.

  1. The Seller submits a Preliminary Notice with a copy of a recorded deed to determine Maximum Sale Price (MSP).
  2. We will respond to the Seller in writing, explaining some of the details of the process and informing the Seller of the Maximum Sales Price (based on the change in median income as set forth by the New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs) as well as the Maximum Income allowed for potential purchasers, as adjusted for family size. A form, entitled, “Notice of Intent to Sell”, is attached.
  3. We will also send a “Notice of Availability” to households on our waiting list for an affordable home of the same size and income category. We will include about 20 copies of Preliminary Applications, specifically marked with the address of the affordable home at the top, to the Seller. The Notice will ask interested households to contact the Seller or their agent, directly, to make an appointment to see the affordable home within a two-week time frame. The Seller may want to prepare a flyer for us to distribute with our notice of availability. We reserve the right to limit the number of notices that are mailed, based on the chronological order in which the prequalified applications were received. If the notices are limited in this way, applicants receiving notices will have a priority over those who do not.
  4. With permission of the Seller, we automatically place a notification of the availability on The Seller or their agent may also want to advertise. Ads should include the “Equal Housing Opportunity” logo and should be sent to our office for review prior to distribution.
  5. The Seller or their agent, upon showing the home, provides potential buyers with a copy of the Preliminary Application (which may be duplicated if necessary). All interested parties must receive a specially marked Preliminary Application, whether or not they have already submitted an application to our office or are on our waiting list. Also, the Seller or their agent must keep a record of the name, address and telephone number of everyone who viewed the home.
  6. At the end of the two-week time period, our office collects all of the Preliminary Applications submitted for a particular home. They are prioritized on the basis of a blind selection process or lottery. Preference may be given to households that can utilize all of the bedrooms, as well as handicap accommodations, when applicable.
  7. The first two applicants on the prioritized list are sent a letter which requires them to complete a final application within fourteen days.
  8. When an applicant is approved, the Seller may begin to negotiate a contract with the potential Buyer at this time, but there must be a contingency clause in the contract which voids the contract, without penalty to the buyer, if the potential buyer is not able to obtain financing within 30 days.
  9. The remaining applicants are maintained on the waiting list for this home or other homes in the same size and income categories. In the event that the potential buyer is not able and/or willing to purchase the affordable home, the next applicant on the prioritized list is notified pursuant to the process described above.
  10. The Seller must sell the affordable home with the same or comparable appliances and amenities that were in the home when it was first sold as an affordable home.
  11. The Seller may NOT charge more than the Maximum Selling Price for any reason, except the addition of a room, the installation of central air conditioning (where there was none before) or comparable upgrade, but ONLY with prior written approval from us. For the most part, condominiums in this program are NOT eligible for such upgrades and/or adjustments to the selling price. The cost of broker fees; municipal inspections and required repairs that may be necessary to receive a Certificate of Occupancy; new appliances, carpeting or other flooring upgrades; and decorating and remodeling projects are NOT eligible costs for an increase in the Maximum Sales Price.
  12. A copy of the Sales Contract must be submitted to our office prior to closing.
  13. During the final stages of the process, it will be necessary for the Buyer to make arrangement for the Affordable Housing Agreement and Mortgage Note to be satisfied with respect to the Seller and new documents filed with respect to the Buyer. Our office typically provides the Buyer’s attorney with the name and phone number of the attorney who can address these issues.
  14. A copy of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Closing Statement must be submitted to our office after the sale of the home.
  15. Note: We do not guarantee that the Buyer can sell an affordable home for the Maximum Sales Price. An affordable home is also susceptible to market conditions, and the Fair Market Value of an affordable home may be lower than the Maximum Selling Price. In this case, the Seller may not be able to sell the home for more than its Fair Market Value
  16. This outline is meant to describe the process utilized prior to the expiration of the deed restrictions. It is not meant to be a legal representation of the rights or responsibilities of any party, nor is it meant to modify the Affordable Housing Agreement, Mortgage Note or other Deed Restrictions. Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to seek legal counsel for specific questions in this regard.
  17. Our office is available to both the Seller and the Buyer throughout the process to answer any questions that they may have.


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