We recently updated our policies and procedures. Here is a list of items which were modified:

  • Right to Use Federal Guidelines: We do our best to describe the regulations and policies that govern the determination of household membership and income. In the event that we have not set forth a policy or regulation that addresses a particular situation, we reserve the right to use the regulations set forth in the HUD Handbook 4350.3 to the extent that the citation is relevant and does not conflict with the New Jersey Fair Housing Act and the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (UHAC).
  • Tip Income: When otherwise not able to be accurately verified, a self-affidavit of tip income will be required, and a federal minimum calculation may be applied when assessing income.
  • Financial Support Clarification: The definition of income was amended so as to clarify what has always been the policy; that one-time financial contributions or gifts are not considered income, while regular payments of financial support or gifts are counted as regular income for the purposes of assessing eligibility under UHAC regulations.
  • Minor Applicants: No un-emancipated minor may be a part of an applicant household unless a parent or legal guardian of that minor in also a member of the applicant household. Guardianship must be verified.
  • Unsolicited Documentation / Information: Piazza & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for processing unsolicited documentation or the forwarding of any documentation or information to the landlord or any other entity for any reason including, but not limited to household placement within a property, requested modifications or accommodations, credit criteria, tenant selection criteria, mortgage financing, or program eligibility.
  • We Require a Complete Final Application: This is not a change in the regulations or our policies, but rather more a matter of enforcement.

    We do not accept unsigned or materially incomplete final applications. Such applications are subject to rejection, and the applicant will be required to resubmit a fully signed and completed application. In the interim, as is our policy, we will move on to the next applicant.

    Likewise, if we deem an application to be incomplete in a minor way and ask for additional information or documentation, we will move forward with the application as long as our request is adequately addressed in the timely fashion. Responses that are not completed on time shall be subject to withdrawal.

    Piazza & Associates reserves the right to withdraw any application that does not provide complete and accurate information regarding household membership; or that fails to disclose ALL sources and amounts of income upon the initial submission of the final application.

    We will strive to accommodate applicants, including those with disabilities, who contact us in advance with questions about the submission requirements; or who are having a problem obtaining a particular document.

    Remember: Applicants who are withdrawn and who wish to re-apply to that specific program may do so using a new Preliminary Application. The new Preliminary Application will NOT be given preferential treatment, but will be processed in the same way that all new Preliminary Applications for that specific program are processed. In the event that an application list is closed when the application is withdrawn, the applicant will be required to wait until the list is re-opened to apply again.

    We reserve the right to refuse applicants who commit fraud on any prior application submitted to Piazza & Associates.