Applications for Affordable Housing can be withdrawn for the following reasons:

Preliminary Stage

  1. The preliminary application must be fully completed and must be signed;
  2. Your social security is required on all applications in order to be considered;
  3. Your preliminary application will NOT be processed without the above information. (you will not be notified of missing information on preliminary application)

Final Application Stage

  1. The application is not signed or submitted on time;
  2. The applicant’s sources of income or household composition changes after the submission of the final application, but before approval;
  3. The applicant commits fraud, or the application is not truthful or complete;
  4. The applicant can not or does not provide documentation to verify their income or other required information when due;
  5. The household income does not meet the minimum or maximum income requirements for a particular property;
  6. The applicant owns an asset that exceeds the Asset Limits for COAH properties;
  7. The applicant fails to respond to any inquiry in a timely manner;
  8. The applicant had a greater chance than any other applicant submitted for a random selection;
  9. The applicant is non-cooperative or abusive with the our staff, property managers or the sellers of affordable units;
  10. The applicant changes address or other contact information without informing us in writing;
  11. The applicant does not meet the credit standard or other requirement set forth by managers of rental properties;
  12. The applicant is unable to obtain suitable and legitimate financing for a sale unit or fails to verify attendance in a home buyer credit counseling program when required to do so by the program rules;
  13. The applicant does not respond to a periodic update inquiry in a timely fashion;
  14. The applicant fails to sign the Compliance Certification, Certificate for Applicant; Lease Documents, Contract for Sale, Affordable Housing Agreement and/or Deed Restrictions as may be required; or
  15. The applicant, once approved, fails to close on a sale or rental unit in a timely manner.
  16. Applicants will also be withdrawn from all lists held by us in a particular municipality once they have been approved for an affordable unit within that same municipality. However, these applicants may re-apply for other opportunities in that municipality once they have occupied their unit.

Applicants who are withdrawn and who wish to re-apply to that specific program may do so using a new Preliminary Application. The new Preliminary Application will NOT be given preferential treatment, but will be processed in the same way that all new Preliminary Applications for that specific program are processed. In the event that an application list is closed when the application is withdrawn, the applicant will be required to wait until the list is re-opened to apply again.

Applicants are NOT automatically withdrawn from sales lists if they do not respond to a Notice of Availability.

Applications may be held in abeyance for a period not to exceed 60 days if there is an error on the credit report, so that the applicant can correct the error and re-apply. Units will NOT be held open for that applicant. However, once the credit report is corrected, the applicant will be given a priority for the next opportunity at that property.