Limits on Assets Adopted by COAH 2020

Counting Income from Assets: When calculating income to qualify households for affordable housing, assets are typically counted to the degree to which they generate income (e.g., the interest you earn on a savings account). Under certain circumstances, when an asset does not generate income, we impute an interest rate (currently at .06%) to the asset (e.g., the equity you have in a home or money in a checking account) and include the product in your total income.

Asset Limits: For those properties which are not governed by federal program requirements (see a list of federal programs, below), the New Jersey Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (“UHAC”) limit the value of an asset only to the extent that the asset is the applicant’s primary residence (current home) and that the home has no outstanding mortgage balance. The maximum market value of a home is determined by a chart, published annually. These are the current maximum values, listed by region.

Region Regional Asset Limits
Region 1
Bergen, Hudson,
Passaic and
Region 2
Essex, Morris,
Union and
Region 3
Middlesex and
Region 4
Monmouth and
Region 5
Camden and
Region 6
Atlantic, Cape
May, Cumberland
and Salem