All Waiting Lists are subject to Random Selection:

  • At the start of a project;
  • Periodically while the list is held by us;
  • Or when a unit is available.

The term, “Random Selection,” is used to describe the process by which we establish the priority order of applicants for a particular property, program of individual unit, without regard to any information about the applicants. To be included in a random selection, we must determine that you prequalify for the program on the basis of our review of your preliminary application. We use two different forms of random selection:

  • We conduct a lottery of names, by blindly generating random numbers, using pulling them from a bin, one by one, giving each prequalified applicant a priority number as we do so; or
  • We utilize a computer program without access to our data, that generates numbers in random order to determine the priority order of a predetermined set of prequalified applicants.

When considering the priority order of applicants for affordable housing, preference is given for households that can utilize all of the bedrooms provided by a specific opportunity as bedrooms (e.g., a household of three would have preference over a household of one for a 2-bedroom unit). Preference is also given for households that have a demonstrated need for the specific handicap accommodations when they are available in a specific unit.

Applications that are determined to be not qualified prior to the lottery may be assigned a random number that could be used for that applicant in the event that the applicant is later determined to have been qualified prior to the lottery.  In the event that an application is inadvertently not included in a random selection, then that application will be assigned the lowest (highest priority) number, unused pursuant to the prior assignment to an unqualified applicant.

Unfortunately, we are generally not able to consider other special circumstances or personal hardships when applying these rules. Our goal is to ensure that every qualified applicant has an equal opportunity for every available program which we monitor. To attain this goal, we can not deviate from program rules or regulations, or interject subjectivity into a process that depends on objective criteria.

NO INDIVIDUAL MAY BE A MEMBER OF MORE THAN ONE HOUSEHOLD ENTERED INTO ANY ONE RANDOM SELECTION PROCESS.We retain the right to withdrawn any applicant who, in our sole determination, had a greater chance than any other applicant for any random selection.

Exceptions to Random Selection and Priority Order

Applicants, who have submitted a final application for an affordable rental or sales home in a given municipality will not be sent a notice of availability for another property, rental or sale, in that municipality while their application is being processed.

Applicants, whose applications are approved in given municipality, will be withdrawn from other application lists in that municipality.

In order to respect the contractual obligations of the applicants and owners of affordable housing units, Piazza & Associates reserves the right to temporarily suspend any and all priority order designations (and so exclude from mailings of notices of availability) for those applicants who have signed a sales contract or lease agreement for an affordable home in any municipality that is administered by Piazza & Associates, Inc. For all but the properties in the same municipality, the suspension will end, once the applicant has taken possession of a affordable unit.