Each property or municipality has a “Waiting List,” or list of applicants who are “prequalified” on the basis of our review of a preliminary application. Since the determination to place someone on a waiting list is based on information that has not been verified, we reserve the right to modify the income category and / or accommodations of applicants; or remove them from eligibility upon our review of the final application and supporting documentation, or on the basis of other verifiable information that we receive during the application process.

In order to be placed on a waiting list, you must qualify for the program at the time that you apply and throughout the application process.

  • Applicants can not apply in advance of qualifying for the program to secure a “place in line.”
  • Applicants who are asked to submit a final application cannot defer or delay their response to that request, because they may not qualify for a program at the time of the request.
  • Applicants who do not respond to a request to submit information will be withdrawn and must reapply. Likewise, applicants who submit a final application, and who are determined to be ineligible at the time that the application is submitted will be withdrawn and must reapply. (For more details, see also: Applications are Withdrawn for the Following Reason.)
  • Once a final application is initally submitted, household membership and income may not be changed by the applicant.
  • No un-emancipated minor may be a part of an applicant household unless a parent or legal guardian of that minor in also a member of the applicant household.
  • If the waiting list is closed, then the applicant will not be able to reapply until such time as the waiting list is reopened.

The term, “Waiting List,” has a variety of meanings, depending on the program, the property and the municipality.

  • Some waiting lists are maintained so that we have some understanding as to the next prequalified candidate for an available unit. In those situations, specific place on a list can vary due to a number of factors, including the fact that other applicants can “migrate” from list to list each time their situation changes or we review their application.
  • Other waiting lists are NOT maintained to determine priority order, but rather simply to determine the pool of applicants who MAY be eligible for a program. In those situations, a Random Selection process can take place each and every time an affordable home becomes available.

In order to meet State and Federal guidelines, we reserve the right to invoke a Random Selection of any candidate and any waiting list at any time.