One of the most frustrating aspects of New Jersey’s affordable housing is that there is simply not enough affordable units for those who need them.  Every time we advertise a new development with an affordable component we receive hundreds or thousands of applicants, even when there are only a few affordable units available in some of these communities.  Our goal is to help everyone who is income-qualified find a suitable place to live, and it is always tough to see so many households who are unable to reach that goal.

One thing that we have learned is that having waiting lists that are too large only tends to frustrate folks who remain on the list for many years in some cases.  In order for us to address this issue, when the queue is particularly long, we may close the waiting list and stop accepting applications until such time as there is a need to reopen the list.  Typically, that means that we also allow folks to sign up to receive a Preliminary Application when the list is reopened.

As a new feature, we have posted a list of the properties, which we administer, that have closed waiting lists.  Click this link to view the list:

For our waiting list policies, click this link: