Piazza & Associates

Financial Education:


Are you waiting to rent or buy an affordable home?  Take the next step in understanding your financial resources.


Piazza & Associates, Inc., has teamed up with PNC Community Development Banking to offer the second in a series of online Financial Education Classes:  “Money Matters!”   Piggybacking on our first, very popular workshop on building good credit, “Money Matters” takes another step toward financial security, the Budget – planning and following through on a personal spending plan.  Budgeting is about choices—choosing how to make money and choosing how to spend money.

Participants will learn the importance of budgeting and how to stick to it.  Like the credit class, the goal of this workshop is to empower applicants to purchase or rent a home of their own.  There is no charge for these classes.

“Money Matters” and “To Your Credit” are provided as a free service of Piazza & Associates, Inc. and PNC Community Development Banking in an effort to help members of the community improve their understanding of the credit reporting system and possible ways to improve their own credit score.  We cannot and do not guarantee an increase in the credit score, preference or priority for any individual participant in this program.


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