In order to make it simpler and more convenient to apply for affordable housing, we are upgrading our Preliminary Application process. So, for the properties that are coming on line now and in the near future, we are creating a web-based form that you can complete, which will alleviate the need for the fillable PDF forms that we have been using. A few things to know:

  • We are using the new web-based forms for all new properties;
  • We are working to convert our legacy forms, as well, but that will take some time;
  • Each property or town will have their own form, so please fill out a form for each property / town;
  • When completing the forms, please be careful NOT to submit more than one form per property;
  • No one person may be listed on more than one application per property to avoid elimination;
  • These are preliminary applications that require no documentation or verification;
  • It is in the applicant’s interest to be accurate;
  • Approval of a Preliminary Application is NOT an approval to buy or rent an affordable unit;
  • Information and Final applications are distributed by email (or regular mail when requested) when needed;
  • If you receive a Final Application, it does NOT mean that a unit is available for you, as applicants may be ahead of you;
  • Final approvals are based on the availability of a unit; a signed Final Application and supporting documentation to qualify your household, etc.

As always, we ask for your patience and cooperation with the application process.