Notification for Monroe Township Re-sales

Thank you for submitting your application form for an affordable home. Your name will be kept in our list so we may notify you in the future via email, when a unit becomes available for re-sale. Those that receive a notification via email will be asked to call and make an appointment to see the property and obtain a final application link for that specific property. The application must be submitted online and submitted with a mortgage pre-qualification letter or proof of funds. Maximum incomes, number of occupants, regional preference and other requirements will apply. Receiving a final application is NOT an indication that a home will be available for you. A random lottery will be held after the property decline to apply has been reached. Additional documents will be requested at that time.

This is NOT an approval to rent or buy an affordable home. And, although this program meets local and state requirements for affordability, we can not guarantee that the available units will be affordable to everyone who applies. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.
Piazza & Associates, Inc.
Verified July 14, 2024 6:48 pm