Answers to frequently asked question:  Lottery.

We are now using GoToWebinar for our random selection venue in order to better serve you.  GoToWebinar requires registration and is limited to 500 participants, as was our prior service.  Registering for GoToWebinar does NOT replace a Preliminary Application, which is required to be submitted by the published deadline for each property.  We encourage you to read these FAQ’s to better understand the random selection and application process.

1. Did I win the lottery?
a. There are no winners or losers, per se. What we call a “lottery” is actually a random prioritization of Applications. Every eligible Preliminary Application is assigned a priority number in random order, which helps determine their place on the waiting list.

2. I tried to register at GoToWebinar, but was told that the registration was full. What does that mean for me?
a. Attendance is limited to the first 500 people who register at GoToWebinar. However, there is NO advantage or priority granted to applicants who register or attend the random selection.

3. If I submitted a Preliminary Application prior to the deadline date for the lottery, do I have to register to witness the random selection via GoToWebinar?
a. No. There is no advantage given your priority by attending the lottery via GoToWebinar.

4. By registering to witness the random selection via GoToWebinar, is my name automatically entered into the lottery?
a. No. Only eligible Preliminary Applications for affordable housing that are submitted by the deadline date are assigned priority numbers in the lottery.

5. Why should I register to witness the “lottery” via GoToWebinar if there is no advantage to my priority?
a. In addition to witnessing the generation of the random numbers, you can learn more about the property and the affordable housing Application process.

6. How can I find out what my priority number is?
a. The results are posted online about 30 minutes after the random selection.  Go to the specific property page on our website  and click on the button under the picture for your priority number.  Remember, only applications received on or before the deadline date will register here.  (Example: NAME OF THE SPECIFIC PROPERTY/.  You can also search for the property under Town, County and Property Name.

7. What happens if I missed the deadline date to be included in the random selection?
a. After the deadline date, your Application will be considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis, as long as the waiting list remains open.

8. When will I receive my Final Application?
a. Final Applications are mailed when we reach your priority number for an apartment that matches the size and income category for which you are eligible. Please note that we send more Applications than available units.

9. What happens if all of the units are filled before you reach my priority number?
a. We keep your name on our waiting list in the same priority order for use when apartments are re-rented in the future.

10. What happens to my Application if a waiting list closes?
a. Your Application will be kept on the waiting list for use when a unit becomes available.